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"Lily Paws" Co-Founder

My name is Kathee Crough and I am currently the guardian of 6 rescue dogs [all shapes and sizes] and guardian foster to 4.  My love for animals and their welfare inspired me to create Dog Gone Dressy!®.  In my experience of rescuing, fostering, and volunteering, I felt the need to do something to help reduce the number of unwanted, abused, and euthanized animals.  My mother and her bandana wearing rescued husky’s blazed the trail that lead me now to what is Dog Gone Dressy!®.   I kept thinking if the unwanted animals were dressed for success, they would be more adoptable and have a better chance of finding their forever homes, and I was right.  Dogs are getting dressier by the minute and there is something about a “Well-Heeled Hound”.  Cats can wag their swag too.  Each neck swag is handmade in American using up cycle material, out of print materials and repurposed materials with a percentage of all Dog Gone Dressy!® sales going directly to animals in need.   

Our Driving Force

MoM & Rex

It was October 2007 when I first saw a starving momma dog begging for food at the local taco stand.  She was approaching car after car sitting patiently begging for food.  I could not believe not one person gave her any food.  At that moment, I knew she was going to be mine and I had to help her.  I gave her food and water.  She ate quickly and then lead me to her 5 puppies under a storage shed at a used car lot.  I named her Lily Paws and her pups are all living great lives.  Lily Paws taught me about the cruel situation animals face on the streets and showed me I had to something to help them.  I came up with Dog Gone Dressy!  We share part of the profits monthly to rescue groups in need.  My Lily Paws passed away in May 2015 of kidney failure after a courageous battle.  Lily Paws lives on in my heart and in every Dog Gone Dressy! neck swag and riding/great coat we make.  #Wag Your Swag Lily Paws!

  " Be Kind to Everything that Lives"

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